Monday, February 9, 2009

Packing, packing, packing!

The living room is currently a mess as I continue to pack. I am determined to finish most of it tonight. Saying this, it's probably going to be quite a late night.

I've been reading through New Zealand travel books and have been trying to "learn the lingo". I thought it'd be fun to share some on here!

afghan- popular homemade chocolate biscuit
black-water rafting- rafting or tubing underground in a cave or tomo
box of birds- an expression meaning 'on top of the world', usually uttered in response to 'How are you?'
chillie bin- cooler; esky; large insulated box for keeping food and drink cool
hokey pokey- delicious variety of ice cream with butterscotch chips
jandals- sandals; flip flops; thongs; usually rubber footwear
judder bars- bumps in the road to make you drive slowly; speed humps
moko- tattoo; usually refers to facial tattoos
pillocking- 'surfing' across mud flats on a rubbish-bin lid
quad bikes- four-wheel farm bikes
Roaring Forties- the ocean between 40 and 50 degrees south, known for very strong winds
whitebait- translucent fish that is scooped up in nets and eaten whole (head, eyes and all!) or made into patties
wopwops- remote; 'out in the wopwops' is out in the middle of nowhere

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  1. i just found your message to me on rachel's blog. i love being creepy.